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[[Home Page]]
[[Integrating Google Classroom in the Classroom|Home Page]]
[[Lesson 1: What is Google Classroom?]]
[[Lesson 1: What is Google Classroom?]]

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Learning Objective

The learner will study the overall impacts of Google Classroom on teachers and students, and how this positively influences their academic experiences.

Before You Begin

Watch the following video: Previewing a new Classroom by Google

This clip highlights some of the experiences of teachers and students using Google Classroom.

Reflect on the following questions below.

  • Can you relate to any of these teachers?
  • How are you trying to maximize the time of your classes?
  • What kind of stresses do you have when it comes to teaching?

Impacts Google Classroom has on Teachers

When it comes to education, teachers are our sources of knowledge. Teachers are certified in certain subject areas so they can bring students the most accurate information about different areas of knowledge. Teachers need all the time they can get in order to cover all the necessary topics in a school year. With time lines, grading periods, planning time, and extra required duties, teachers are often working many extra hours to complete their daily tasks. Now, what better way to help teachers out then to make something a little bit easier for them! Google Classroom is just the right tool, especially for busy teachers. Google Classroom has many features that specifically impact the teacher.

  • Easy to use: It provides very clear directives and provides many help options if needed
  • Accessible from many devices: Not only can Google Classroom be accessed through a computer, but it can also be used on a tablet or mobile device.
  • Paperless: There is no more need to rush to the copier anymore. All the assignments and documents needed can all be uploaded straight to Google Classroom.
  • Fast grading and feedback: Checking who has submitted work or who is still working on an assignment is simple. A teacher can also give instant feedback.
  • An organization tool: Instead of having piles of papers on a desk or filing cabinets full of worksheets, Google Classroom keeps everything saved in one space that does't take up any room in a classroom.

Impacts Google Classroom has on Students

Impacts Google Classroom has on School Environment


Classroom: Mission Control For Students and Teachers

Moving On

Once you have complete Lesson 2, move on to Lesson 3: Creating a Google Classroom.


Home Page

Lesson 1: What is Google Classroom?

Lesson 2: The Impacts of Google Classroom

Lesson 3: Creating a Google Classroom


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