Lesson 2: Content, Process, and product


Lesson 2: Strategies to Differentiate Instruction

Differentiating involves making changes to one or more of these elements:

  1. Content - what the teacher plans to teach/ what the students need to learn
  2. Process - how the students will access the information/ activities students use to master the content
  3. Product - the method students use to demonstrate learning/

Differentiating by Content requires a teacher to make changes in the following ways

  • Is usually determined by formative assessment
  • Can include various forms of delivery
  • Content may be shared through varied reading materials for different levels
  • Text materials could be put on an audio format
  • Spelling and vocabulary lists can be used based on the readiness level of individual students
  • Flexible grouping can be implemented to reteach concepts and or extend thinking skills
  • Multi-leveled questions can be used
  • Modeling to varying degrees takes place
  • Students are given opportunities to choose their content based on interests

Differentiating by Process requires a teacher to make changes in the following ways

  • Using tiered activities to help learners understand information with different levels of support, challenge, or complexity
  • Center or Station work
  • Developing personal agendas
  • Learning logs or personal journals
  • Varying the length of time that it takes for students to complete a task
  • Note-taking organizers
  • Jigsaws
  • Learning Menus
  • Webquests
  • Cubing

Differentiating by Product requires a teacher to make changes in the following ways

  • Using choice boards
  • Podcasts
  • Presentations
  • Quizzes or Tests
  • Using rubrics that match and extend students individual levels
  • Encouraging students to create their own product assignment
  • Enabling students to use contemporary media/technology in ways that demonstrate understanding


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