Lesson 2: Comprehension and Analysis of PBL


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free-vector-right-arrow-clip-art_113970_Right_Arrow_clip_art_small.png After reviewing a project based lesson plan for a child development class, educator will be able to analyze its application

Project Based Learning Lesson Plan Outline Example (Toy Project)


Why are toys essential to a child development?

What are good characteristics of a toy?

When do children need to play with toys?

What are your favorite childhood toys?

How would you choose a toy for an child?

What are interesting and unique ways to present your ideas?


Start a Learning Log by clicking ---> File:Learning Log.pdf

Document the goal

Document interesting and unique project ideas by using this form ---> File:Research Log.pdf

Design and work on project

take-a-look.jpg Here are the students final project presentation (which was placed in the school hallway bulletin board) 800px-Toys_for_Tots-1.JPG

Lesson Activity

Post your responses to the Discussion Board: (Edit this lesson and place your responses)

What do you think are the strengths and/or weaknesses of this outline example in regards to project based learning?

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