Lesson 2: Comprehension and Analysis of PBL


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free-vector-right-arrow-clip-art_113970_Right_Arrow_clip_art_small.png After reviewing a project based lesson plan for a child development class, educator will be able to analyze its application

Project Based Learning Lesson Plan Example (Toy Project)

Questions: Why are toys essential to a child development?

What are good characteristics of a toy?

When do children need to play with toys?

What are your favorite childhood toys?

How would you choose a toy for an child?

What are interesting and unique ways to present your ideas?


Start a log on types of toys and developments they foster

Document the goal

Document interesting and unique project ideas

Design project

How will this be graded? (We will look further into this in our next lesson)

take-a-look.jpg Here are the students final project presentation (which was placed in the school hallway bulletin board) 800px-Toys_for_Tots-1.JPG


Post your responses to the Discussion Board: (Edit this lesson and place your responses)

What do you think are the strengths and/or weaknesses of this example in regards to project based learning?

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