Lesson 2.4: How will you develop your project idea through consideration of a range of standards?



  • To identify standards for writing, technology, and 21st century skills that will be addressed in the culminating task (digital writing unit or project).

Project Guidance

In this unit, we looked at how to meet basic ELE standards for narrative, information, and argument through digital writing projects. We also considered the addition of speaking, presentation, and media standards as well as 21st century skills such as collaboration, creativity, and technology.


For this phase of the final project development, you will identify standards from each of these 3 categories that might align with the initial ideas you brainstormed at the end of unit 1. At this point, you might start focusing in on one idea, or you might keep a couple options open. You will settle in on a topic at the end of unit 3. For now, the goal is to think about possible standards-based outcomes for your project.

You will again participate in a discussion in order to reflect on your takeaways from unit 2 and explore project design ideas with other course participants.

After the discussion, you will complete the next section of your project planning template, focused on identifying standards for your digital writing project.