Lesson 2.3: Analyzing the Exam

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  • Determine which common core algebra problems can be solved using a graphing calculator.


Task 7

1. Revisit the exam you chose in Task 3 and determine which problems can be solved using a graphing calculator.

2. Note how you would solve each problem using the graphing calculator (when applicable).

3. Watch this video: August 2014 Common Core Algebra Exam Questions # 1 - 5

Task 8

In the discussion tab for this lesson, reflect on the following questions:

  • The guy in the video showed a few ways to solve the exam questions, including using the calculator, could he have used the calculator any other ways?
  • Are there more questions that could be solved with the calculator than you identified in Task 3?
  • Do you feel that these graphing calculator skills could help students have better success on the Common Core Algebra 1 Exam?
  • How would you like to improve your teaching practice using these graphing calculator skills?


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