Lesson 2.1: Screenshots

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Note to the Learner:

I call it a screenshot, SMART Notebook calls it "Screen Capture." They are one in the same, so don't panic! This skill takes some practice, but once it's mastered, you'll see the great use in being able to save your work for viewing later on.

Why does this matter?

The ability to screen capture your work is a crucial skill to reaching the maximum use of SMART Notebook. Think about it – it’s a safe bet that at least a few times you were on a webpage, planning out a lesson for your class and thought “I wish I could write on this!” At the end of this lesson, you will be able to. Once you know what to do, the possibilities of what you can do with this skill are endless!


1) When in SMART Notebook, head to the top of the page and click, “View” followed by “Screen Capture Toolbar.”

2) There are 4 different buttons – but we are concerned with the 2nd button from the left, which contains a small camera on top of a square with a thick black outline.

3) Go to the page, image, document that you’d like to screen shot, and then make be sure to click the icon at the bottom of your page (or top, if you are on a Mac) to bring the Screen Capture toolbar to the front of the artifact.

4) Once you are ready, click the 2nd button from the left.

5) You are left with some options – Send to SMART Notebook, Save on Desktop, Choose Save Location, Save to Clipboard.

6) Decide if you’d like to import the screen capture into SMART Notebook, or do something else. You can choose the destiny of the file!

You Try: