Lesson 1 of Media in Math

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Lesson 2 of Media in Math


We will be talking about the following three types of media:

1) Graphics

2) Audio

3) Video

Each one of these can be used within the classroom, or a combination of all three. By incorporating media, students are able to learn in both verbal and visual form. Media also helps students focus as well as being able to better relate to the material. [1]

Here are some ideas in which graphics, audio and video can be used in mathematics

Graphics: There are many images online that can be related to various math topics. Pictures that involve shapes, angles, and 3-D models (for geometry) or even pictures of various cards in a standard deck can be used (for probability). Be creative! We will go more in depth in Lesson 2 and specific examples will be given.

Audio: Students can record their own steps to solving a problem, and have another student listen to follow along and make sure each step is correct. Also, students can listen to recorded word problems which may help them become less afraid of word problems. This will be discussed further in Lesson 3.

Video: There are a lot of great videos out there for math. Sometimes videos offer explanations along with visuals to help students understand concepts and may be more effective being shown through the video then lecture. Students can easily learn about pi, or how fractions work through videos found online. This will be discussed further in Lesson 4.

Please watch the following video: [Technology in the classroom: Digital Media], as an introduction to media. The video will discuss the importance of using digital media in classrooms.

Ask yourself:

How do the ideas presented in the video help us better understand the importance of using graphics, audio, and video in a mathematics classroom? Optional: Post any ideas you may have about this in the discussion tab

Take a look at the following examples:

What is considered graphics? Posters, pictures, cartoons, diagrams, pictures, visual representations, graphic organizers, etc.

What is considered audio? Recordings, music, sound, etc.

What is considered video? Movies, film, or anything that combines graphics and audio together as one.

Is there anything you would add to these lists?

Take a peek at some of these suggested articles

To learn more about advantages with why we use media [click here]

To see why math teachers are reluctant to use media and steps they can take [click here]

  • Using media is beneficial for any classroom. Students are able to learn in new ways and benefit from being able to learn content through these different forms of media. The next lesson will start with our first type of media: Graphics.

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