Lesson 1 of Media in Math


Shauna CaroselliShauna Caroselli's Mini Course

Why use media in classrooms?

Media has three main components that can be used within the classroom.

1) Graphics

2) Audio

3) Video

Each one of these can be used within the classroom, or a combination of all three. By incorporating media, students are able to learn in both verbal and visual form. Media also helps students focus as well as being able to better relate to the material. (1)

What is considered graphics? Posters, pictures, cartoons, diagrams, pictures, visual representations, etc.

What is considered audio? Recordings, music, sound, etc.

What is considered video? Movies, film, or anything that combines graphics and audio together as one.

Overview: Using media is beneficial for any classroom. Students are able to learn in new ways and benefit from being able to learn content through these different forms of media. Resources: (1)http://serc.carleton.edu/econ/media/why.html