Lesson 1: What is a classroom Environment

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Does this look like a typical classroom environment? Does it catch your eye? Does it support all of your needs? Want the answers to these questions? We will be discussing more throughout this course! Stay tuned. Until then here is some supportive information about classroom environments to review, as all of you are already familiar with classroom environments!

Lesson 1:


  • Learners will be able to notice the different areas to take into consideration when developing a new classroom environment: physical environment, psychological environment, the role of the teacher and classroom climate.


A classroom environment is a space where students and teachers gather together to continue in a safe environment that will allow their knowledge and learning to strive. A classroom environment consists of many areas to take into consideration. Such as the physical environment: what should be physically placed in the classroom to make it better for your students to grow or what could be added that could aid as a distraction and should not be included? Psychological environment: what kind of mood should your classroom pursue? Think of the music, students individually, your presence and tone of voice. Classroom climate: That looks upon the learning environment, what will your provide for your students? Role of the teacher in the classroom environment: Will you be interactive, organized, aide as a tutor, participant or coach? There is a lot included in a classroom environment that many educators do not realize or recognize. Student walk into a classroom as if the were walking into their own home, we as educators need to grasp that fact and work in each topic to provide what ever we can that is needed for each student whether it is in physical sense or psychologically. When humans are placed in an environment they adapt and perform to the level that is allowed by their surroundings.*Keep this is mind* As this is a focus of your readings below.


  • Watch this video about classroom environments : Video1 After watching push the back arrow on your browser.
    • When reading these articles, keep these questions in mind: What else would I add to make a better classroom environment? How do these individual topics tie into each other? Do you believe that the educators who did a survey about their classroom environments gave ratings that they did because these were areas out of their control? Or do you believe that the classroom environments they were in could have resulted in more positive feedback if they had a better understanding of how to adapt and modify their classrooms?

After Reading

  • Answer these 6 quiz questions below by typing up in a word document and email me your answers. This is just for me to get even more understanding as to where you are regarding knowledge on classroom environments. It will not be considered a grade.


File:Classroom environment quiz lesson 1.pdf


  • Use the discussion page tab for your thoughts and experiences with classroom environments and to introduce yourself to your peers!

(If you would like to take notes on your peers views on classroom environments, I would suggest to designate a folder/notebook just for these purposes because we will be touching on this topic through out the course.)

  • Once you are finished with your reflection, you may move on to Module 2. Click the link below.


Congratulations! You Have Completed Module 1 and May Now Proceed to: Module 2:Understanding Autism and their Needs and Risks

Homepage:Adapting and Modifying a Classroom Environment for Children with Autism


Graphic of Classroom [File:C.e..png]. Image courtesy of classroom.jpeg