Lesson 1: What is A Resume


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  1. To identify at least 3 key features of a resume.
  2. To identify the purpose of your resume.


Go through the slideshow created by College Board to get a general idea about what a resume should include.
How To Create Your Resume

The second article was written by Boston College and includes a short video at the end. Please read both the content of the webpage and watch the video. Take note of some of the links on the webpage as they provide you with a great resource in the future when we begin constructing your resume.

How To Write a Resume


Use the discussion tab to complete the discussion portion of this lesson.

  1. In the discussion this week, please identify three areas you feel are very important to include in a resume.
  2. Identify one misconception you had about resumes and how the articles or video were able to change your original perception of a resume.
  3. In what way might you use the resume you will build through this class? Might you use your resume while applying for colleges or will you begin using the resume to search for a job?

Looking Ahead

Lesson 2