Lesson 1: What do I need to design an effective token economy?

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Lesson 1: What do I need to design an effective token economy?

Introduction: In the last unit, you read articles and viewed videos that showed what a token economy looks like. You reflected on the ideas of others and now it is your turn to begin creating. In this lesson, you will begin your design. You will read on short checklist of items that are needed to create a token economy. You will also look at different media sources and decide if you would like to use technology to enhance your design.


Objectives: By the end of this lesson participants will be able to...

1) Sign up for a Class Dojo Account (optional)
2) Generate a list identifying at least two desired behaviors in their classrooms
3) Plan tokens and reinforcers for those behaviors


Question Before You Read: In the last lesson, you identified two "tokens" you might use. In your learning journal, describe these in detail, draw a picture, explain them. Now, connect them to two behaviors that you want to improve in your classroom- For example: "I will use "Kaufman Cash" that is paper money with my picture in the middle. I will distribute the cash to students who complete their homework. Students will receive five dollars for each week they complete all five assignments."

Assignment: Click on the link below to read the article. ****In your learning journal, complete the "Getting Ready Section" at the end of the article.****


1. Take a look at your tokens. What do you need to do to implement them (make copies, purchase, sign up for an account etc) How long will it take to gather them for your class?
2. Take a look at your backup reinforcers. What do you need to implement them? How long will it take you to gather them for your class?

Visit the following website.:

1. Do you think that this website could help you construct your plan? Why/Why not?

Learning Journal: In your learning journal complete the "Getting Ready" section after the article. Also write responses to the four questions asked in the lesson and the assignment. In the next lesson you will be publishing the actual plan for your economy and reflecting on its implementation. Start small. Remember- this economy can grow. Begin with two behaviors, one or two tokens, and two reinforcers. Narrow them down for your plan.



Once you are done with your reflection, you will now begin to design the plan for your own token economy as you move on to the next unit:
Lesson 2: How do I implement and modify a token economy to meet the needs of my students?