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[[Samantha Schwartz|Samantha Schwartz’s Portfolio Page]] | [[ Samantha’s Mini-Course]]
[[Samantha Schwartz|Samantha Schwartz’s Portfolio Page]]| [[Samantha's Mini-Course]]

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Samantha Schwartz’s Portfolio Page| Samantha's Mini-Course

thinking.jpg Think about what you already know or think you know about project based learning


free-vector-right-arrow-clip-art_113970_Right_Arrow_clip_art_small.png By the end of this lesson educator will inquire on their own knowledge of project based learning and further their understanding


  • Think about what you already know about project based learning
  • If your knowledge is limited, does it sound like something that would interest you?
  • Watch the following video on PBL


Were your previous ideas challenged? Did you learn something new? If so, what? Post your responses by clicking the link ---> http://padlet.com/wall/da13hpdwyh