Lesson 1.4: How could I bring new forms of digital writing into my classroom?

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  • To develop initial ideas for the culminating task (development of a digital writing unit or project).

Project Guidance

We have reached the end of the first unit of this course. Even though you have a lot still to learn and a ways to go before fleshing out your final project, I would like you to begin thinking about some initial project ideas. You will continue to revise and develop your plan throughout the next few units, so don't worry about settling on the perfect idea just yet. Just get the wheels turning!


As a culmination to this course, you will design a new unit or writing project that incorporates digital writing, or revise an existing unit. The goal is to create something you can bring to your classroom. Your plan should reflect what you have learned in this course, so I want to challenge you to embrace change, step out of your comfort zone, and create something that is truly new territory for you and your students!

To help with initial brainstorming, you will participate in a discussion with other course participants. This is an opportunity to swap ideas back and forth and inspire each other. After the discussion, you will begin working in a project planning template which you will add to throughout the remaining units. This template will be shared with me so I can support and give feedback as needed. I look forward to seeing your ideas in this first planning phase!


To help you reflect on your learning in Unit 1 and start thinking about ideas for the final project, please participate in the End-of-Unit 1 discussion. I would like you to respond to the following prompts:

  • What are your biggest takeaways from Unit 1 of this mini-course?
  • How will your learning so far influence what you do in your classroom?
  • What are some new things you are already thinking you would like to try with your students based on what you've learned so far?

If possible, I highly encourage you to read what others have written and comment with your insights and questions.

Click on the Discussion tab at the top of this page to begin!


For this activity, you will brainstorm initial ideas for your final project. You will consider the following questions:

  • What ideas do you have at this point for how you might revise an existing unit or create a new unit to incorporate digital writing?
  • How do your initial ideas align with the state standards your district uses? How do they align with your current curricular goals and objectives?
  • How do you imagine the ideas you’ve brainstormed might increase student engagement, creativity, and collaboration?
  • What technology needs and/or concerns do you anticipate when thinking about bringing your ideas to fruition?

Please click the link to access your Project Planning Template. This is the document you will be using to develop your final project throughout the course. It includes a designated space for you to respond to the questions above.