Lesson 1.2: Web Browsing

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Note to the Learner:

Nothing is perfect, and there will always be limitations, no matter what. It’s worth mentioning that if you change the webpage, your annotations will remain. If you want to save your work, you will have save the file as is in order for it to remain.

Why does this matter?

When using SMART Notebook, it is possible to open a web page within SMART Notebook. This way, you have access to all the toolbars at the top of the screen that you might be limited to if you open SMART Ink on an actual web browser. You also can easily save files. Before reading the steps and trying it yourself, follow this YouTube link to witness the process yourself!



1) After opening SMART Notebook, find the “Insert” tab and scroll down to “Internet Browser.”

2) An image will appear in the middle of the screen that says “Browse to any webpage within SMART Notebook collaborative learning software.” If you scroll down on this image, you will see a small keyboard with a web address bar next to it.

3) Here, you can enter any website you wish and load it into your SMART Notebook page. You can write on anything that you put up!

You Try:

Enter SMART Notebook, follow the steps to complete the following task: Google image search “sheep” and draw a smiley face over the 2nd picture within “sheep image search” that you find. Your end result should match mine: Lesson 1.2 Self-Assessment Check

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