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ETAP 623 Spring 2011

Title: Integrating Technology into the Music Classroom

Intent of Project

Music teachers are under pressure to incorporate technology into their classes but many have had little or no training in how to effectively use technology in their lessons. This course will be offered online and can be accessed at the convenience of the participants.

The topics that will be covered in this mini course are:

  1. Setting up a Google Site
  2. Adding tools to a Google Site
  3. Embedding video on a Google Site

Needs Assessment

  1. Instructional problem: Many music teachers have no background in technology integration and are uncomfortable using technologies that have the potential to enhance learning in the classroom.
  2. What is to be learned: Through this mini course participants will learn how to set up a website to be used in the classroom and as a means to communicate with parents and students outside of the classroom. The learner will gain familiarity with three aspects of Google sites and set up their own site while completing this module.
  3. Learners: This mini course is intended for public school general music teachers but teachers at all levels of public or private education can benefit from it.
  4. Instructional context: This course is designed to be completed autonomously in an e-learning environment. Each learner will need to have internet access and a Google account to complete the mini course.
  5. Exploring the instructional problem and solution: As a public school teacher, I have been a part of many technology professional development seminars but felt that I was still not equipped to use the technological tool being taught in the seminar. This was usually because I sat and listened to the instructor talk about and demonstrate the tool and spent very little time actually using the tool being taught. This mini course will focus on the active application of skills being taught so that the participant will have a basic working knowledge of Google Sites.
  6. Goals: This mini course seeks to encourage and equip music teachers to integrate technology into their classes and use it to improve communication between school and home.

Performance Objectives

Unit 1

  • Student will demonstrate their ability to create a Google Site by setting up a site to be used in their classroom and as a communication tool with partents and students outside of school.
  • After reading an article about integrating technology into the music classroom students will demonstrate reflective thinking by discussing ways a google site can enhance their teaching.

Unit 2

  • Student will demonstrate an ability to add tools to their site by adding a calendar, gadget and image to their site.
  • After looking at three other music teachers' completed websites, student will demonstrate an understanding of their usefulness by describing how the websites can be used and classifying them according to five levels outlined in "Making the Most of Your Class Website".

Unit 3

  • Student will demonstrate an ability to utilize video on their site by finding or creating a video and embedding it on their site.
  • Student will demonstrate understanding of the usefullness of the tools they have added to their site by writing a reflective piece detailing how they will use the tools in the classroom or to communicate with parents and students outside of school.

Task Analysis


Essential Prerequisites
  • A computer with internet access
  • Ability to identify ways to incorporate new tools into teaching
  • Ability to navigate the internet and conduct searches
Supportive Prerequisites
  • A google account
  • A broad band connection to the internet would be helpful
  • An open mind and postitive attitude towards learning about and using new technologies

Instructional Curriculum Map

Curriculum map2 (640x522).jpg


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