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New perspectives Assessment tech New models/methods Language/Literacy Math science general Primary secondary Middle school--College special needs Case study
ETAP 887 Spring 2009 Case Studies
Vincent Amodeo WISE: The Web-based Inquiry Science Environment X X X X X
Lorraine Emerick Second Life X X X
Kevin Goodman Moodle X X X
Julie Smit Digital Libraries and the International Children’s Digital Library (ICDL) X X X
Patrice Torcivia World Watcher; Math Forum X X X X
ETAP 687 Fall 2008 Case Studies
Yueh-Chen Weng:
WorldWatcher; X X X X
Inspiration x X X
Caitlin Donahue:
The Inquiry Learning Forum; X X X
TeacherTube X X
Xiyao Huang: Facebook & Social Bookmarking X X X
Jingping Chen: Programming Tool for Children X X X X
Jane Wilde: Virtual_Worlds X X X X X X
ETAP 623 Spring 2009
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Colleen DePuy Developing Student Skills for the Constructivist Classroom X X X X
Dan Fountain Effective Social Studies Classroom Discussion X X
Lindsey Wilson Varying the Level of Inquiry in Science Lab Activities X X X X
Augustine Fucci Motivating the Mathematics Student X X X X
Colleen Bryla Data analysis for differentiated instruction X X
Amy Fleury Educational Gaming - Is it a valid resource? X X X X
Jason Kozel Snagit: Instructional applications X X X
Todd Lewis: Todd\'s Portfolio Page Improving Geography with the Help of Google Earth X X X X
James Ranni Reducing Student Stress Through Instructional Practice X X X X
Susan Towey Educate with GoAnimate X X X X
Annmarie Parathiras Using MOO\'s to Foster Literary Understanding X X X X X X
Stephanie Ames Strategic Reading Across the Content Areas X X X X X
Bonnie Blood Reading Strategies in the High School Curriculum X X X X
Melissa Stepanian: Podcasting (Melissa Stepanian\'s Portfolio Page.) X X X X X
Kristina Lattanzio Developing Music Analysis Skills Using Feedback, Composition And Technology X X X
[edit] X X X X X
Instructional Case Reports
Kristina Lattanzio: Developing Music Analysis Skills Using Feedback, Composition And Technology X X X X X
Elizabeth Kinney Collaborative Learning with Computer Support (using examples of nutritional hazards) X X X X X X
Magaly Barreto Exploring Latin American Countries and Caribbean Islands X X X
Ashley Keegan Electronic Portfolios for Middle School Students(Ashley\'s Portfolio Page) X X X X X
Salvatore Viola Teaching rhythmic notation incorporating the theories of Multiple Intelligence \"Let\'s Keep the Beat\": Unit Overview and Goal X X X
Christina Slojkowski Addressing misconceptions through collaborative learning Unit One Digestive System X X
ETAP 623 Fall 2008
Thomas Cutonilli: Simulations for Inquiry Course X X X X X X X
Cheyenne Whirley: Digital Storytelling Course X X X X X X X
Lisa Schell: Case-based Study of a Discussion Approach to Literacy
Xiyao Huang: Educational Use of Wikis Course X X X X X
ETAP 623 Spring 2008
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Michelle Duncan, Using the internet for inquiry-based learning Creating a Webquest X X X X X X
Anne Canale Stalnecker, Facilitating Effective Online Discourse X X X X X
Abigail Moskovits, Effective Questioning in the Classroom X X X X X X
Julia Kelley, JuliaKelley\'sPortfolioPage: ARCS Model of Motivation Design X X X
Tammy Clark, Using Cognitive Flexibility Theory to Teach History x x x(History) x x
Joanne Contreni, Problem-Based Learning in Math x x x x x x x x
Valerie Anwari, Utilizing Formative Assessments x x x x
Diane Hamilton, Developing Phonemic Awareness in Kindergarten Children x x
Elizabeth Branca, Interactive and Collaborative Learning Environments x x x x x x
bob raguette, Problem Based Curriculum Development - A Case Study 1
Susan McKinstray, Web-based Inquiry Learning with WebQuests x x x x x
Jane DeMeis,Career Development for MRDD Adults using Authentic Learning x
Mark Frament, Teaching Themed History x x x x
Brooke Hasey, Teaching for Understanding x x x x
David Lawrence, Teaching to Multiple Intelligences
Jennifer Boisvert, E-Portfolio x x x x x x
Allison Hubbs, Creating Authentic Assessment x x x x x
Miriam Ramos, Creating a WebQuest to Teach Pet Emergency Preparedness x x x x x
Caelynn Prylo, An Introduction to Using Social Networking Sites in Education x x x x x x x
Anthony Traina, Utilizing Graphic Organizers x x x x x x x
Scott Jill, Preparing Students for Self-Directed Learning x x
Kelly Fernandez, Advance Organizers x x
ETAP 623 Fall 2007
Heather Gould, Teaching for Understanding 07
Randy DeVett, Teaching For Understanding: Ongoing Assessment
Barbara Easton, Learning Communities in the Classroom
Mary Donohue, Knowledge Building & Information Literacy K-16+
Maria-Teresa Ferrer-Mico, Learning Communities and using visual information to teach mathematics
Ruby Roberts, Cognitive Apprenticeship
Jingping Chen, Science Inquiry
Yueh-Chen Weng, The discussion-based approach to improving literary understanding

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New Perspective Tech Assessments New Models/ Methods Language/Literacy Math Science General
Elementary show list
Prylo[[1]];Anthony Traina[[2]];
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Vincent AMODEO[[3]];Jane Wild[[4]];Annmarie Parathiras[[5]];Thomas Cutonilli[[6]];Cheyenne Whirley[[7]];Caelynn Prylo[[8]];Anthony Traina[[9]];
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Abigail Moskovits[[10]];Joanne Contreni[[11]];Caelynn Prylo[[12]];Yueh-Chen Weng[[13]]

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Vincent AMODEO[[14]];Thomas Cutonilli[[15]];Joanne Contreni[[16]];Elizabeth Branca[[17]]

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Bonnie Blood[[18]];Annmarie Parathiras[[19]];Stephanie Ames[[20]];Cheyenne Whirley[[21]];

show list

Vincent AMODEO[[22]]; Jane Wild[[23]];Thomas Cutonilli[[24]];

show list

Cheyenne Whirley[[25]];Abigail Moskovits[[26]];Tammy Clark[[27]];Elizabeth Branca[[28]];Anthony Traina[[29]];Caelynn Prylo[[30]]

Middle School show list

Yueh-Chen Weng[[31]],[[32]];Danielle Melia[[33]];Todd Lewis[[34]];Cheyenne ;Whirley[[35]];Tammy Clark[[36]];Anthony Traina[[37]];

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New Perspectives; Elementary

Vincent AMODEO[[38]];Jane Wild[[39]];Todd Lewis[[40]];James Ranni[[41]];Annmarie Parathiras[[42]];Stephanie Ames[[43]];Thomas Cutonilli[[44]];Cheyenne Whirley[[45]];Tammy Clark[[46]];Joanne Contreni[[47]];Cheyenne Whirley[[48]]

Tech; Elementary

Vincent AMODEO[[49]];Annmarie Parathiras[[50]];Thomas Cutonilli[[51]];Joanne Contreni[[52]];Cheyenne Whirley[[53]];Anthony Traina[[54]];

Assessment; Elementary

Abigail Moskovits[[55]];Joanne Contreni[[56]];Caelynn Prylo[[57]];Yueh-Chen Weng[[58]]

New Model/Methods;Elementary

Cheyenne Whirley[[59]];Thomas Cutonilli[[60]];Tammy Clark [[61]];Joanne Contreni[[62]];Elizabeth Branca [[63]];Anthony Traina[[64]];


Bonnie Blood[[65]];Annmarie Parathiras[[66]];Stephanie Ames[[67]];Cheyenne Whirley[[68]];


Vincent AMODEO[[69]]; Jane Wild[[70]];Thomas Cutonilli[[71]];


Vincent AMODEO[[72]]; Jane Wild[[73]];Thomas Cutonilli[[74]];