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To Contributing Class Members

The goals of this wiki site is to provide an open space for co-developing public knowledge--collective educational know-how/know-why--in the service of continual teacher learning, improvement, and innovation.

An important note: When you contribute to this open space, please realize that the pages you created (saved) here are accessible to your peers in your current class and future classes. Other visitors who use KNILT as an educational resource may also see your pages. Please exercise social media discretion about what you post. For example, your self-introduction may focus on your professional background, and should not disclose any sensitive personal information.

Please respect the copyright requirements for any third-party contents that are cited in your mini-courses.

To Users

All the resources in this space are freely available for educational use. Commercial uses in any form are prohibited without written permission from Dr. Jianwei Zhang and the course author. If you need to re-distribute or re-mix a page in any form, please provide credit to the authors and KNILT.

As an Open Education Resource, KNILT adopts