Julie Bensley's Mini-Course: Utilizing Desmos Activity Builder in the Mathematics Classroom


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Overview and Purpose

Utilizing Desmos Activity Builder in the Mathematics Classroom is meant to instruct mathematics teachers on how to utilize the graphing calculator found at Desmos.com (also available as an iPad app) along with the Desmos Activity Builder site that allows creation of interactive and inquiry-based learning activities. Graphing calculators have met an important need in teaching important concepts in the math classroom since the early 1990’s. The Desmos graphing calculator and Activity Builder site enables students of all levels and socioeconomic backgrounds to engage in meaningful mathematical activities. Incorporating Desmos activities in the classroom has the ability to enhance the learning of math students by providing visualizations and simulations that allow students to test their own ideas and build connections to new ideas. In this course, participants will answer and reflect on the following questions:

· What is Desmos?

· What are Desmos Activities?

· How can Desmos Activities be utilized in the classroom?

· Where can a teacher find Desmos Activities?

-How can teachers create their own Desmos Activities?

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