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Jianwei Zhang

Hi, this is my page. You may edit this page to post me your questions. This page is under my "watch." Please put a date for your question.

Jianwei, Is is appropriate to add several more pages/layers for presentation of the actual course (I'm not there yet, just trying to conceptualize how this will be constructed!) See my page, Facilitating Effective Online Discourse. --Anne Canale Stalnecker 19:36, 28 February 2008 (EST)

Anne, You are doing it in a smart way. Yes, each course should have a front/home page, linked to your portfolio page, and to our Main Page (under index of courses). You've created a model structure for us. --Jianwei Zhang

Jianwei, Would you please take a look at my performance objectives to see if I am on the right track Facilitating Effective Online Discourse? Do you think that they are focused enough--I think I may have to narrow down a bit more.... For some reason, I am finding it more difficult to apply the concepts we've been discussing to a professional development lesson. Also, please take a look at what I've done with my needs assessment Anne's Portfolio Page. Thanks, Anne

Thanks, Jianwei-your comments are very helpful. As I read our texts and discussion posts, the learning outcomes/objectives and assessment part of the course design is becoming clearer to me... Anne

Jianwei, Should the task analysis, identification of prerequisites, organizing & sequencing course content be part of the "background" work and placed on the same page as the Portfolio (Anne's Portfolio Page ), or are they noted in the course itself: Facilitating Effective Online Discourse? I see these activities part of the course development/design, not as part of the "real" course. Thanks, Anne

Jianwei, After a lot of 'rough drafts,' I came up with a version of my project. Before I write out the details of the different units, can you please take a look and let me know if I am headed in the write direction, especially with regard to my ICM? Thanks, Abi Abigail's Portfolio Page