Jessica McHugh's Personal Page

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Welcome to Jessica McHugh's personal page!

Photo of me at Croton Gorge Park in New York.
About Me

My name is Jessica and I am a high school English and Special Education teacher in New York. Between family in Rochester, Long Island, Brooklyn, and the Adirondacks, I find myself traveling through the entire state of New York very often, keeping with family events and visits. I love road trips so I don’t mind the driving and I love traveling in general. The farthest I drove this past summer was from Rochester to North Carolina which took about 12 hours. I would love to drive across country over a summer break in the future!

I am also very active in my free time and a fan of most sports. I love following soccer, football, and basketball and I play in several adult sports leagues throughout year such as volleyball, soccer, and kickball. I do try to run everyday even if the New York weather isn't always cooperative!

Educational Background

I received my Bachelors in Education at Niagara University in 2010 with a concentration in Special Education and English for grades 7-12. I then went straight into grad school and received my Masters as a Literacy Specialist for grades 5-12 at Nazareth College in Rochester in 2012. This is my second online course in COLT program here at SUNY Albany and so far I am really enjoying my online experience!

Teaching Experience

I am a high school English and Special Education teacher in the Westchester/Lower Hudson area in NY for the past two years. I mainly teach Resource which is a class for students in the Special Education program which contains a mix of students from 9th to 12th grade. Within Resource, I give students support on items directly related to their IEPs and also academic support for all content areas in every subject. I also co-teach English classes and have had experience with both 11th and 12th graders so far in my career.