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Jeff's Portfolio Page

Home Page: Jeffrey Bordeman

Design Project:

Needs Assessment

1. Instructional Problem: Children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) continue to grow rapidly each year. From 1993-2007 the number of confirmed children with ASD has grown 1558% ("Individuals with Disabilities," ). From 2003-2007 the growth has been 753% ("Individuals with Disabilities," ). These numbers mean that we have a growing number of students with ASD in our school system, and a huge number of children diagnosed with ASD who have not yet entered our school system. Students diagnosed with ASD have unique needs that require teachers to have knowledge of this disorder and the accompanying educational challenges. With the push for inclusion classrooms, all teachers, not just special education teachers, need to have a better understanding of students diagnosed with ASD.

2. The Nature of what is to be learned: Instructors will learn about ASD and the special educational considerations that have to be taken into account when designing educational programs for students with this disorder.

3. About the learners: The participants in this workshop are educators that have at least a bachelor’s degree in an educational field and have experience working in a classroom (does not have to be special education). All participants are self motivated learners who are participating to gain knowledge that can be used to better their teaching practices.

4. Instructional Content: This is a self directed workshop that will provide participants with information to assist them in better understanding ASD and the educational difficulties students with this disorder face. The first unit will focus on, what is ASD? It will give background information on Autism and other disorders that are incorporated into the Autism Spectrum. It will survey how it is diagnosed and possible reasons for the enormous growth in diagnoses over the past decade. The second unit will focus on how this diagnosis affects the students ability to learn and what research based intervention are available to provide these students with an educational environment and curriculum that meets their unique needs. Some of the topics that will be covered are; structure and routine, behavioral management, and social skill development.

5. Instructional Problem/ Solution: Pending

6. Goals and Objectives: Pending