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Introduction Page

Welcome to my Wiki page. I've been teaching as an Adult Educator for over 25 years. I'm a graduate of SUNY Oswego for Vo-Tech Education and Work-Based Learning Instruction. I'm now in the ETAP's Graduate Program for Curriculum Development and Online Teaching Certification. I teach Dental Assisting for a private school in the evenings. My primary position is as a Dental Oral & Maxillo-Facial Surgery Assistant in the Army Hospital at West Point, NY. I also teach Patient Safety to our dental and hospital staff and soon the Basic Life Support course. I'm active in volunteer work for our soldiers and their families on West Point and Stewart Air Base in Newburgh, NY.

I'm born and raised in the Mid-Hudson Valley along the beautiful Hudson River. I spent most of my summer weekends kayaking, fishing, wine tasting, and spending time with family and friends. In the winter months I snow mobile and shovel lots of snow. I have two grown children that are independent and live on their own. My career goals include creating online courses for Dental Assistants and traveling within my Army employment.

My Topic/Purpose

Sampling Technology to Teach a Dental Assisting Module

The purpose of this course is to assist educators in sampling technology into a once traditional course of dental assisting instruction.

The focus to keep in mind throughout my design of instruction is:

1) Which technology will be more appropriate for this type of instruction?

2) Will the learning outcomes be met by the use of the technology?

3) When is it time to update technology to meet the set performance goals?

Needs Assessment

Problem- Using technology in a once traditional course of instruction. Some educators may not have knowledge of incorporating technology when teaching the adult dental assisting student.

Target Learners- Educators and Course Designers

Learning Outcome- This course is intended to introduce the educator to technology for designing a dental assisting course module.

Goal- My goal is to assist you in designing a module that will foster a learning community so that the students can feel encouraged to participate within the class

Prior Concept- You will need basic knowledge of navigating through YouTube videos in search of quality demonstrations for class viewing and discussion postings

Skills- Keyboard skills, proficiency in internet usage and how to access a variety of technological content suitable for diverse adult learners

Attitudes- Upon the completion of my course, my intentions are for you to will feel inspired in becoming a leader in designing education for the 21st century

Analysis of Learning & Content

This course offers one sample module to guide adult educators in designing online instruction for the dental assisting student.

The participant will learn content that will use online technology in place of conventional classroom instruction. To participate in this mini-course, it is required to have computer knowledge and access to online, YouTube videos, and be able to open up PDF documents.

Performance Objectives

Educators will be able to:

-Analyze content of mini-course for technological ideas in designing future online dental assisting modules

-Compile valuable resources to sample in online format once traditional classroom modules

-Provide and receive feedback through educator discussion postings in a learning community forum

Learners will be able to:

-Identify fundamental dental terms and supplies in the lesson of instructing patients basic preventive oral hygiene

-Interact with peers through online class discussion posting of assigned topic and provide feedback to at least three or more peer discussion postings

-Analyze content to compare variety of supplies needed to perform task in preparation of assigned patient scenario

-Prepare assigned scenario to share with class in a step-by-step instructional to demonstrate task for practicing how to instruct patients on basic preventive oral hygiene

Task Analysis

Educator Pre-requisites:

-should have knowledge and experience in dental assisting instruction

-should be able to offer valuable discussion feedback to support peers

Both Educator and Learner Pre-requisites:

-Access to a computer with online capabilities

-Should be familiar with various technology such as Wiki course, YouTube, opening and downloading PDF documents, computer navigational tools, and online web searches

-Should be familiar with computer speaker adjustments and basic troubleshooting for receiving sound from videos

Curriculum Map

Curriculum Map is to be added

My Mini-Course "Dental Assisting Module-How To Instruct Your Patient On Preventive Oral Hygiene

Lesson One-Preventive Oral Hygiene Basics

Lesson Two-Toothbrushes & Floss

Lesson Three-Patient Instructions

References & Resources

Lesson One- web pages and video

Educator Feedback