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[[File:IMG 20130304 235659.jpg|thumbnail|Family Cruise-2012]]
[[File:IMG 20130304 235659.jpg|thumbnail|Family Cruise-2012]]
Welcome to my Wiki page. I've been teaching as an Adult Educator for over 25 years. I'm a graduate of SUNY Oswego for Vo-Tech Education and Work-Based Learning Instruction. I'm now in the ETAP's Graduate Program for Curriculum Development and Online Teaching Certification. I teach Dental Assisting for a private school in the evenings.  My primary position is as a Dental Oral & Maxillo-Facial Surgery Assistant in the Army Hospital at West Point, NY. 
==Introduction Page==
I also teach Patient Safety to our dental and hospital staff and soon the Basic Life Support course. I'm active in volunteer work for our soldiers and their families on West Point and Stewart Air Base in Newburgh, NY.
I'm born and raised in the Mid-Hudson Valley along the beautiful Hudson River. I spent most of my summer weekends kayaking, fishing, wine tasting, and spending time with family and friends. In the winter months I snow mobile and shovel lots of snow. I have two grown children that are independent and live on their own.  My career goals include creating online courses for Dental Assistants and traveling within my Army employment.
==Janice's Portfolio Page==
==Janice's Portfolio Page==

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Family Cruise-2012

Introduction Page

Janice's Portfolio Page