Introduction to Cooperative Learning

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Let's Get Started

Cooperative learning is a very important learning strategy that teachers often want to incorporate into their lessons, but fail to have the proper resources in order to successfully incorporate the ideas. This first unit will serve as a brief instruction to cooperative learning, and allow learners to start determining the importance of cooperative learning and the differences between cooperative learning and group work.


Why is this unit important?

This unit is important because it will serve as a base for you to build your knowledge. In this unit, you will start collecting the information that the learn about cooperative learning, and watching as your understanding grows and changes overtime. As an introduction, this unit will be critical to have success throughout the course.

What should I learn by the end of this unit?

Unit 1 will be made up of 3 mini lessons.

In the first lesson, you will be reading about cooperative learning and based on this reading, jot down a few notes about what you think cooperative learning looks like. These notes will be composed of what you already know about cooperative learning and it's uses, and some brief details from teachers who use it.

Link to Lesson 1

In the second lesson, you will work to determine the different aspects that are important in a cooperative learning environment. In this, your learning will go deeper as you work to dive in to the different aspects that must be present.

Link to Lesson 2

In the third lesson, you will do a compare & contrast with cooperative learning and group work. This will help you to see the differences that lie between the two, and the specific ways in which cooperative learning is different.

Link to Lesson 3

All set? Let's go to Lesson 1: The Basics of Cooperative Learning

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