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As a Foreign Language teacher, I strive to make effective instruction and learning my very first priority. I strongly believe that besides my knowledge of the subject and teaching skills I possess, supporting tools and materials are essential in order to assist students achieving at their greater potential. We have really entered the digital age and technology has become more than just a daily thing for us. Using it effectively, technology not only supports learning of the language, but cultural awareness and education in general. Implementing new technological tools in instruction offers teachers the opportunity to build on students’ motivation and learning by using what they like to use today. With an extensive variety of Web 2.0 tools available Voki is one of them that can assist us with accomplishing teaching and learning foreign language at its best.

What Voki offers isn’t limited to language and culture, but it also aims students to collaborative work as members of a learning community.

With this course, I would like to introduce you to Voki and teach you how to take advantage of this powerful Web 2.0 tool in instruction to enhance language learning, cultural awareness, and cooperative learning.

Upon completition of this course you will be able to:

Master skills on how to successfully incorporate Voki in instruction and knowledge the great benefits it offers to education.

So, I am ready to guide you through the process of learning about Voki.

Please start with Unit One

Unit One: What VOKI is

Unit Two: Design and Use of Avatars

Unit Three: Assessment and Evaluation

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