Integrating Technology into the Music Classroom


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Are you one of the many teachers intimidated at the thought of integrating technology into your classrooom? Maybe you are under the false impression that you need to take a lot of workshops or be a "computer nerd" to become comfortable using technology resources in your classroom. Or maybe you think that between rehearsals and teaching, you just don't have the time to do yet task. If you can embrace the tools available to you and invest a little bit of time trying them out, you will be suprised at how easy many of them are to use and how much easier they make other parts of your job.

Performance Objectives

In this mini course we are going to focus on setting up a google site and becoming comfortable adding tools to it that will help you in your teaching and make it easier for you to communicate with parents and students outside of school.

Unit 1 Setting up a Google Site

Objectives: Participants will...

  • Understand the various applications for a classroom or teacher website
  • Describe the ways a music classroom can benefit from a classroom or teacher website
  • Create a Google site

Unit 2 Adding Tools to Your Site

Objectives: Particpants will...

  • Create one or more new pages for their Google site
  • Develop their site by adding three new tools to it
  • Evaluate two existing websites built by music teachers

Unit 3 Embedding Video on Your Site

Objectives: Participants will...

  • Embed a video on their Google site
  • Evaluate the usefulness of the site they have created