Integrating News ELA in the classroom: Lesson 5

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Learning Objective

Participants will analyze the new data received and compare it to previous data

Pre-requisities for this lesson

*Before this lesson, be sure to have the reading level of your focus students* *Before this lesson, be sure to have data collected before this assessment and the data *


Activity 1: Comparing Data
  1. Take out the initial data that you gathered your focus students.
  2. Discuss: What were your initial findings? Explain
  3. Analyze your new data. This data should reflect the students' responses to an article that is on their personal reading level'
  4. Discuss: Did any students do better on the assignments that were tailored to their personal reading level? Did any students do the same or worse?
  5. Once you figure out the progress of each student, you are now ready for the final activity of this mini course
Activity 2 A: Providing Next Steps
  1. After analyzing the data for each student, what would you recommend for this student? What will be your next steps?
  2. If a student did significantly better, keep providing them with documents that are on that reading level. After a few lessons, raise the reading level of the articles that you give them and assess their progress.".
  3. If a student does not perform well with a document that is on their assumed reading level, try lowering the reading level slowly until the student makes progress.