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==Learning Objective==
==Learning Objective==
Participants will '''explain''' the importance of differentiated instruction
Participants will <span style="color:hotpink">'''''explain'''</span> the importance of differentiated instruction

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Learning Objective

Participants will explain the importance of differentiated instruction


Activity 1

Respond to the following question:

Should all students be given reading material on "grade level" regardless of their individual reading level? Explain.

Activity 2A

Watch the following video:

Activity 2B

Read the following article: Newsela Differentiation


Respond to one of the questions below. Use evidence from the video and/or the article in your response.

After watching the video and reading the article, respond to one of the following questions. Be sure to respond to at least 2 other responses also.

1. What is differentiated instruction?

2. How is it beneficial to struggling and/or your lower 1/3?

3. Why is differentiated instruction important?

4. In what ways can NewsELA help with differentiation?

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