Incorporating Virtual Field Trips

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It's A Small World

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You will be singing this song after you learn about Incorporating Virtual Field Trips.

The use of technology field trips allows students to access subject experts, and travel anywhere in the world from school. No more bothering parents for permission slips! The lessons are not only engaging but since you choose your topic and subject you can ensure they align to your classroom curriculum and standards. In some cases there are even interactive activities and experiments your students can perform during the field trip connection.

Course Goals

The learner will:

1. Define types of virtual field trips.

2. Compare pros and cons of traditional field trips to virtual field trips.

3. Identify equipment and funding needs to access a virtual field trip.

4. Analyze characteristics that demonstrate a quality virtual field trip program.

5. Collaborate and incorporate a virtual field trip to the classroom curriculum.

UNIT 1: What are Virtual Field Trips?


1. The learner will be able to identify the different types of virtual field trips.

2. The learner will compare elements of traditional vs virtual field trips

3. The learner will differentiate advantages and disadvantages of accessing field trips through technology

UNIT 2: Making sense of virtual field trips.


1. The learner will define technology terms that relate to virtual field trips.

2. The learner will be able to identify characteristics of quality virtual field trips.

3. The learner will be able to identify the obstacles to accessing virtual field trip providers and how to overcome those obstacles.

UNIT 3: Connecting virtual field trips to classroom curriculum.


1. The learner will analyze elements of virtual field trips that relate to classroom goals and objectives.

2. The learner will align virtual field trip topics to common core and state standards.

3. The learner will collaborate to design and implement their own virtual field trip within 3 months of course end.