Igge unit3

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In this unit you will learn how to use Google Earth to learn more about your college and its location. You will also use the internet to determine which school and which state is best for you.

Objectives: Upon completion of this unit, students will have the ability to:
1) Use Google Earth to find employment and income statistics.
2) Use the internet to learn more about a county and state
3) Use the internet to learn more about a college and its ranking
4) Learn the location of the 50 US States
1) Computer - Meeting the Recommended Systems Requirment
2) Internet Access
3) Web Browser
4) Completion of IGGE Units 1
5) Completion of IGGE Units 2
6) Basic understanding of Economics
1) A positive attitude towards technology, computers, the internet
2) A positive attitude towards geography
3) Able to work with others in a group setting

Lesson 3: Using Google Earth to View Unemployment Data

1) Assignment 3: Using Google Earth to Find Your College
2) Assignment 4: Taking the Geography Online Game Challenge
2) Assignment 5: Choosing Your College Discussion Paper
3) Discussion 3: Click on the "Discussion” tab at the top of this page and answer each of the following questions. Once completed read and reply to at least 3 of your classmates posts on their page.
a) Why did you initially chose the states/counties you wanted to go to college in?
b) By the end of this unit did you alter some of the states/counties that you chose?
c) What are the most important reasons you chose these particular colleges?
2 Hours estimated to complete classwork
3 days to complete the "Choosing Your College Discussion Paper"

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