Homework Policy


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What will my homework policy be?

Performance Objectives

-Learners will be able to choose specific homework practices given academic research, and advice from fellow professionals.

-Learners will be able to design a homework policy for a course they currently teach.

-Learners will be able to justify the homework policy they wrote using academic sources, and experiential knowledge.

Unit Tasks

Task One:

1. Read this article from the National Association of Elementary School Principals File:Homework Policies.pdf

2. Read this short list of reminders when writing a homework policy: http://www.learnnc.org/lp/pages/737

Task Two: Begin to write your homework policy. Show at least two other professionals. You may wish to include a professional who is also a parent of a school-age child. Take into account what their experiences on homework policies have been, and use their advice to help you edit or revise your policy.

Task Three: Submit a final copy of your homework policy. Annotate the policy with specific reasons why you chose the rules and protocols by providing sources.