Grading with a Camera


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What is this time saving phenomenon? -These apps take the use of scan-trons to the next level. Grading with a camera gives you access to graded assignments within seconds with the use of technology already found in the classroom. How does the process work? -Each app requires a different set-up process, but all require an answer sheet, blank forms for students, and a scanning device. Is it expensive? -The apps are either free or very inexpensive. How does it work? -It works just like a scan-tron works. Each student has a number ID they bubble and then they bubble answers. Scanning takes place on your phone, tablet, or computer webcam. What kind of camera? -Depends on whatever is easier for you to use. With the use of the app you can scan using your phone's camera, a tablet's camera, or a webcam. Does it generate a report? -Yes. It gives individual reports for students and analyzes scores for the whole group. How long does it take? -The first time you use it, you must assign student ID numbers to students so that is a lengthy process, but after they have their student IDs then it doesn't take long to set up the assignment. It only takes a few seconds to scan each answer sheet.


Unit 1: ZipGrade

Learners will understand how to use the app ZipGrade.

Unit 2: GradeCam

Learners will understand how to use the app GradeCam.

Unit 3: GradeNinja

Learners will understand how to use the app GradeNinja

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