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Title: College Attainment

Author: Nathan Lockett

Abstract: The overarching goal of this mini-course is to help teachers (after-school program leaders, guidance counselors and administrators of all levels) to create a program that helps their students and students' families realize how possible college is.

Course Objective: Participants’ middle school students will be to understand, and help their parents understand the financial aid process, identify the many types of college majors available, identify a possible college major, identify the type of HS course work that needs to be taken to be accepted to a college that has that major, understand the college admissions process, and understand that college is accessible for them.

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Title: Fingerprinting

Author: Lydia Ashley

Abstract: This course aims at providing general public about knowledge of fingerprint in all aspects.

Course Objective: After completing this course, learners will gain a fundamental understanding of fingerprints and the history of fingerprinting, identify the offenses that are considered "printable" offenses, know the proper security/safety procedures taken before fingerprinting a subject, obtain sufficient fingerprints from a subject, and know the proper way to fill out a fingerprint card.

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Title: Management

Author: Meghan Blair

Abstract: This course focuses on providing teachers with successful behavior management plans and strategies for the implementation of these plans.

Course Objective: 1) Articulate the value of creating a behavior management system for their classroom 2) Implement a management plan in their classroom 3) Identify poor classroom management and modify a behavior plan accordingly

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Title: David's Menu Course

Author: David Wixted

Abstract: N/A

Course Objective: N/A

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