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Title: College Attainment

Author: Nathan Lockett

Abstract: The overarching goal of this mini-course is to help teachers (after-school program leaders, guidance counselors and administrators of all levels) to create a program that helps their students and students' families realize how possible college is.

Course Objective: Participants’ middle school students will be to understand, and help their parents understand the financial aid process, identify the many types of college majors available, identify a possible college major, identify the type of HS course work that needs to be taken to be accepted to a college that has that major, understand the college admissions process, and understand that college is accessible for them.

Tag(s): College Attainment

Title: Fingerprinting

Author: Lydia Ashley

Abstract: This course aims at providing general public about knowledge of fingerprint in all aspects.

Course Objective: After completing this course, learners will gain a fundamental understanding of fingerprints and the history of fingerprinting, identify the offenses that are considered "printable" offenses, know the proper security/safety procedures taken before fingerprinting a subject, obtain sufficient fingerprints from a subject, and know the proper way to fill out a fingerprint card.

Tag(s): fingerprint

Title: Management

Author: Meghan Blair

Abstract: This course focuses on providing teachers with successful behavior management plans and strategies for the implementation of these plans.

Course Objective: 1) Articulate the value of creating a behavior management system for their classroom 2) Implement a management plan in their classroom 3) Identify poor classroom management and modify a behavior plan accordingly

Tag(s): management, behavior, plan,

Title: David's Menu Course

Author: David Wixted

Abstract: N/A

Course Objective: N/A

Tag(s): restaurant, menu,

Title: Turning Learning Upside Down: Planning a Flipped Classroom Lesson

Author: Maree Michaud-Sacks

Abstract: This course is intended to help teachers and educators learn more about using this teaching method. Learners will discover how to plan a successful and effective flipped classroom lesson.

Course Objective: The scope of this course does not include how to create or conduct a flipped classroom (record/post the pre-class lecture, or how to facilitate the in class activities). Since many teachers jump into this method without thinking about the design aspects, we will explore the planning involved for this method.

Tag(s): Flipped Classroom, teaching method.

Title: Digital Radiology for the Imaging Professional

Author: Margaret Ewart

Abstract: The intent of this mini-course is to address the need for additional education for technologists that entered the field of radiology before digital radiography was part of the didactic component of the student's education. Learners of this course should take away a clear understanding of the physical principles of digital radiography. They will learn historical aspects of digital imaging, processing fundamentals, and theoretical foundations to use digital equipment effectively in the clinical setting.

Course Objective: Provide a brief description and timeline of the history of digital radiography. Define the term digital image processing. Identify the primary considerations of quality assurance in digital radiography.

Tag(s): Ditigal Radiology,

Title: Whole Brain Teaching

Author: Caileigh Sweeney

Abstract: This mini-course focus on Whole Brain Teaching. It is a teaching technique that is becoming more well known across the United States. This highly organized and disciplined technique allows for students to have fun while following the classroom rules and practicing their basic skills and core curriculum. Whole Brain Teaching is beneficial to both educators and students.

Course Objective: NA

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