General Information about Online Learning courses

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Title: Facilitating Effective Online Discourse

Author: Anne Canale Stalnecker

Abstract: This course seeks to help instructors understand how to create and foster the dialogue that is integral to online learning particularly in asynchronous courses.

Course Objective: Participants will gain an understanding of the learning community and its relevancy to the discourse that takes place online, construct discussion activities which implement good design principles, strategies, and best practices and choose appropriate educational technology tools to enhance discussion.

Tag(s): online discourse, asynchronous course, online learning community

Title: Using the E-Learning Best Practices: A Guide for Faculty to develop a quality online course

Author: Anne de la Chapelle

Abstract: In this mini course participants will research appropriate services and resources for online students at their campuses and learn to integrate this key information into their online course. The course uses E-Learning Best Practices Guidelines developed at Plattsburgh State College as our guide. Participants will self assess based on the best practices.

Course Objective: Learners will be able to find and integrate useful and appropriate resources and services for enhancing their online course development.

Tag(s): E-learning, best practice, online course

Title: Multimedia in Online Courses

Author: Katherine Watson

Abstract: The goal of this mini-course is to promote consistency and best practices in including multimedia in online courses. Course developers should have an understanding of the pedagogical implications of using various media, and the theories surrounding multimedia design and use in online learning.

Course Objective: Upon completion of this course, the participants will demonstrate an understanding of issues and affordances of multimedia use in online learning and an understanding of multimedia design principles, and demonstrate the capability of incorporating multimedia in online courses.

Tag(s): multimedia, online course, ANGEL course management system

Title: Essential Guide to Online Teaching

Author: Sun Hee Seo

Abstract: The topic of this course is guidance for teaching online activities in secondary education.

Course Objective: 1) Learners will be able to understand the learning community and its relationship to discourse in the online environment. 2) Learners will be able to identify design principles, strategies, and best practices to consider in the development of communication in online discourse.3) Learners will be able to design and choose to use appropriate strategies in response to online teaching guild results.

Tag(s): online teaching, guidance

Title: Instant Screencasting: Quick and Basic Screen Capture for Online and Hybrid Instruction

Author: Michael Lucatorto

Abstract: This course is about learning the purpose of video in the classroom, have an opportunity to create videos to familiarize themselves with the software and develop an understanding of their own reasons for using video in their classroom.

Course Objective: 1. Learners will be able to define what screencasting is; 2, Learners will be able to identify the purposes for using screencasting software in their instruction; 3, Learners will be asked to describe their own reasons for being interested in using screencasting software in their classroom; 4, Learners will be able to identify the capabilities and limitations of Jing, Screenr and Screencast-O-Matic; 5, Learners will be asked to describe which of these three (if any) screencasting will be best for their needs

Tag(s): videos, classroom, screencasting

Title: Online Tutoring Mini-Course

Author: Christina Arnone

Abstract: This mini-course will let the participants gain knowledge and learn skills that will allow them to effectively tutor students in an online environment. Through the learning of these skills and processes, participants will also gain an understanding of the importance of their role in the success of e-learners.

Course Objective: N/A

Tag(s): Online Tutoring, Teaching

Title: Mini-Course Blackboard 9.1 Module Creation

Author: Diana Cary

Abstract: This course focuses on creating a course in a Blackboard 9.1 course development shell.

Course Objective: Identify Course Tools Menu, Identify Course Content area, Identify and distinguish Edit Mode On/Off .

Tag(s): Blackboard, Creation.