Final Words

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Since it's always good to keep the end in mind when you start, we should recap the goals we set at the beginning of this course, and be sure that we actually reached those goals. Each objective is revisited with a brief summary.

Did we acquire the knowledge to write on websites, screenshot, and save for later use ? Units 1 and 2 both contained components to reach this goal. Unit 1.2 taught us how to browse the web within SMART Notebook, which is highly convenient for easy, quick notations. Unit 2.1 showed us the useful screen capture tool, and within that lesson we also learned how to save for later use.

Learners should be able to create and locate interactive lessons to have learners come to the board and manipulate/write the external links portion of Lesson 2.2 showed some other resources that provide interactive downloadable lessons. Also, Lesson 3.2 taught us about importing lined paper which is an opportunity for learners to come to the board, manipulate, and write.

Calendars, lunch order count, and attendance were ways in which we covered the following objective: demonstrate how to make routines of their class simpler, more effective, and interactive.

Lastly, you should have been able to gain more experience and a better understanding of how to use SMART Notebook in classroom situations simply by following directions in most of the lessons by using different tools in SMART Notebook. This causes the learner to become more familiar with SMART Notebook, and by practicing, you gain more and more knowledge.