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Choose an interesting and valuable topic for your wiki-course! You can choose between: (a) developing a new mini-course that addresses a new topic or further elaborates a sub-topic covered by an existing mini-course; or (b) implementing one of the new learning approaches in your classroom (if you are currently a teacher) and contribute a case-based study report, including your classroom contexts, educational goals, lesson plan, processes, findings, and implications.

If you want to address new topics, below are some examples.

Related to inquiry-based learning

  • The WISE approach
  • Use of simulations for inquiry
  • Open-ended, authentic inquiry
  • The teacher's role in inquiry-based classrooms
  • Inquiry learning design and assessment in a specific content area

Related to learning community

  • The teacher's role in authentic dialogues
  • Knowledge building community
  • Argue to learn
  • CSCL (Computer-supported Collaborative learning)

Related to understanding

  • conceptual change/misconceptions
  • Assessing understanding of science
  • Assessing understanding of math


Related to technology

  • New learning tools/environments


  • Learning style
  • 21st century skills
  • meta-cognition and learning to learn

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