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If you want to contribute a classroom-based case study of a new learning approach/technology, that would be great. Do it! If you want to address new topics, below are some examples. If several of you are interested in one topic, you're welcome to gather around it, think about it together, frame your divisions and connections (Make sure that each of you still have enough depth and content in your course.)

Related to inquiry-based learning

  • How to design an authentic inquiry, and how to engage students in formulating the problem
  • How to use the Internet in inquiry-based learning (e.g., WebQuest)
  • How to facilitate collaborative project work
  • The WISE approach
  • Use of simulations for inquiry
  • How to encourage question-asking
  • How to construct and use inquiry portfolios
  • Open-ended, authentic inquiry

Related to learning community

  • Online learning community
  • Knowledge building discourse
  • Argue to learn
  • CSCL (Computer-supported Collaborative learning)
  • Telementoring

Related to understanding

  • conceptual change/misconceptions
  • Assessing understanding of science
  • Assessing understanding of math


Related to technology

  • New learning tools/environments


  • Authentic assessment
  • Learning style
  • 21st century skills
  • meta-cognition and learning to learn
  • Creativity
  • ARCS model of motivation design
  • Cognitive apprenticeship: modeling, coaching, scaffolding

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