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== '''Overview and Purpose''' ==
== '''Overview and Purpose''' ==

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Overview and Purpose

Are you a classroom teacher and have students in your class that English is not their first language? Are you looking for ways to accommodate these students in your lessons, activities, and assessments? Are you working with an English as a New Language teacher within the same classroom and want to get more out of the co-teaching experience? This course address each of these topics appropriate for teacher in elementary, middle, or high school settings. The world of English as a New Language has a vast amount of information, but this course is designed to consolidate the need to know information for classroom teachers. Throughout this course, we will work to build your general understanding of English as a New Language (Unit 1), ability to adapt curriculum and course material for language learners (Unit 2), and approach towards creating a productive and effective co-teaching situation (Unit 3).

While these units do build off of each other and work together to deepen your knowledge of English as a New Language, they can also be used in isolation if the learner specifically needs one unit of study.

Needs Assessment

Briefly summarize what you found out from your needs assessment regarding the learners' gaps of knowledge, skills, and attitudes that your mini-course means to address.

Performance Objectives

State the course-level objectives here. Sometimes, when the course objectives actually map onto the unit objectives, it is fine to combine the objectives with the following unit structure to state the objective(s) of each unit.

Course Units

This mini-course includes the following units. Click the title of a unit to go to its page.

Unit 1: The Basics

Brief overview

Unit 2: Accommodations

Brief Overview

Unit 3: Co-Teaching

Brief Overview ...

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Extended Resources