Engaging Native Speakers - Introductory to Spanish Classroom

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World-Readiness Standards for Language Learners

Purpose of Mini-Course

Welcome to Engaging Native Speakers in the classroom. this course is for anyone interested in learning how to engage both non-Spanish and native Spanish speakers in an Introductory to Spanish Classroom.

Native speakers often find the material in an introductory course of their native language boring. This course will guide you to keep capable students engaged. In addition, you will learn to incorporate performance objectives tailored to different students' needs.

Learning Objectives

To gain a deeper understanding of the 6-levels defining language proficiency.

To plan for instruction using the World-Readiness Standards for Language Learners,

To cultivate and support students' language acquisition.

To develop instruction aligned with The World-Readiness Standards for Language Learners.

Performance Objectives

Learners will define and provide examples of language proficiency. Learners will be able to address the advantages of bilingual students. Learners will be able to implement differentiated instruction. Learners will be able to incorporate culture, history, and heritage into the Spanish classroom.

Learning Units

Unit 1: Defining Language Fluency

Unit 2: Planning for Instruction

Unit 3: Bilingual/Multilingual Students in the Classroom

Unit 4: Lessons to try on your own!

Extended Resources

There are many great resources to further engage your native speakers in the classroom. I have put together a list of websites to guide you through the process.



En voz alta: Español para hispanohablantes


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