Emily Johns: Using the Book Creator App in Writing

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Using the Book Creator App in Writing

Emily Johns

Overview and Purpose

This mini-course is all about the Book Creator App. It can be downloaded for iPad's and iPhone's. It is an engaging and creative way for students to write, draw, and create while using higher level skills. Students will be able to focus on the content of the topic while learning a new skill and learning how technology can help them for educational purposes.

As a teacher using the Book Creator App you will be able to create real books for students. Help them learn about technology, engage students who might otherwise be nervous about working on a project with their peers, and learn a new skill yourself!

This course works as a template for building background knowledge for the participant (you!) and then letting you use the course as a tutorial to build your own sample book on the Book Creator App.

I've chosen to focus on using the app for fiction and non-fiction writing and how you can put these two topics together. I will have a place for suggestions for possible ideas on how to use this with other content areas or topics.

Needs Assessment

After performing my needs assessment for this course I found that most students in schools today are digital natives however, they do not always know how to use technology to their benefit. By allowing students to use this app in class it gives them the 21st century skills a learner today needs but at the same time engages them in school and in a topic that might be otherwise not engaging to them. It's important to remember that when using technology you want to use it for a purpose, not just to have fun. Plan for the idea first and then add in the technology and look at what your possible outcomes could be.

Performance Objectives

  • The participant will be able to operate the app Book Creator
  • The participant will create a sample higher-level fictional and non-fiction piece of writing/project.

Course Units

This mini-course includes the following units. Click the title of a unit to go to its page.

Unit 1: Pre-test/Fiction/Non-Fiction overview

In this unit you will take a pre-test about your knowledge of fictional and non-fictional writing. Then to review previous knowledge or build background knowledge for those who are unsure you will review a PowerPoint presentation that provides skills and examples of each topic. Then you will take the post-test and see if your score changes!

Unit 2: Book Creator App Introduction

In this unit you will be introduced to the Book Creator App and what it is capable of doing. Then you will take a quick assessment about the parts of the app to show whether or not you fully understand the app and how it works. This is important before you let students work with it.

Unit 3: Create your own book!

In this unit you will be asked to use the Book Creator App and create an example book about either fiction or non-fictional writing. Follow the rubric in order to create your book.

You can also include suggestions of how else this app could be used in other content areas or for other topics.