Embedding Video on Your Site


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You have learned how to add images, calendars and links to your website. In this unit you will learn how to embed a video on your site and evaluate how well you have designed your site to meet your needs. Video can serve a variety of purposes on a music website. You can add videos of student musical performances, professional performances that students can watch as inspiration (like those seen on the high school band site), or record your own videos to use as teaching tools (like the recorder video I have on my teacher site).

Embedding video

Navigation tips

I recommend that whenever you go to a page outside of this mini course you open it in a new window. To open any page in a new window you need to right click on the link and select open in new window. By using a new window, you will be able to get back to this course without having to use the back button on your browser.

Site evaluation

Now that you have finished adding all the tools to your site, it is time to evaluate its usefulness in your classroom. Go back and reread "Making the Most of Your Class Website" and "Ten Benefits to a Class website". In the discussion tab of this unit write a short post describing the ways you can use your website to enhance your teaching.