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Here is a sample of one type of unit page:  
Here is a sample of one type of unit page:  
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According to TCI, there are 4 distinct elements of effective ISNs. These include:


Student-created notebook covers encourage students to build ownership over their own work, as well as build pride in the work they produce. The most effective notebook covers will include distinct references to the class and content or to the student's personality.

Here is a simple example of an ISN cover: ISN cover.jpg


Providing students with guidelines and information about ISNs is a best practice in the strategy's use, especially if students have never had experience with them before. Encouraging students to place these guidelines in their notebooks, or designating a special page in the notebooks, will give students a point of reference for their work for the remainder of the year. You will be learning more about guidelines as you move on to Unit 2, Lesson 1: Setting up the ISN.


Designating pages in the beginning of the ISN for a table of contents encourages students to be organized and systematic with their classroom work. All assignments and notes should be included in the table of contents for easy reference when a student is studying or when you are assessing.


Title pages should describe and illustrate the topics to be focused on in a unit. Title pages encourage student processing as well as organization of their notebooks.

Here is a sample of one type of unit page: ISN unitpage.JPG

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