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Educational Gaming - Is it a valid resource?

Author: Amy Fleury

Amy's Portfolio Page


It is my intent, through this mini-course, to provide teachers (both current and pre-instructional) with the facts about educational gaming and the validity and the value of using instructional gaming in the classroom. This will hopefully provide sufficient evidence for teachers to use games as not only an resource but as an instructional tool. It is important to keep in mind that, as with any technology, use of educational games for the sake of using games is not going to enhance learning. There is a proper way of implementing educational gaming in order to avoid the reasons that people are against the use of games in learning.

Learner Profile

The intended learners are pre-instructional and current educators; including administrators. The course is also applicable for any adult who is not convinced that games have a place in learning; including parents or guardians.

Motivation of learners may include, but is not limited to: wanting to motivate students who currently lack motivation or want to learn new educational technology resources.


Learners will need:

- Computer with up-to-date operating system

- Internet Access

- Access to additional educational gaming programs

Unit 1: Introduction to Educational Gaming

Unit 2: Common Objections and Misconceptions

Unit 3: Using Games in Your Classroom

Educational Gaming Resources