ETAP 687 Fall 2008

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As an important part of this course, we will analyze a variety of new knowledge media and technologies that can potentially support and enhance creative and collaborative knowledge work. Each of you will focus on a particular technology and conduct an in-depth study of it. As your outputs, you need to: (a) create a wiki-page providing a brief summary of your case study, to address the issues of what it is, where/how to learn more about it, and its potential educational applications; (b) lead a 30-minute workshop in classroom to help your classmates understand this technology.

Jane Wilde - Unit 11 - Social Networking and Virtual Environments Virtual_Worlds

Yueh-Chen Weng- Unit 5: Models of creativity: WorldWatcher; Inspiration

Caitlin Donahue - The Inquiry Learning Forum; TeacherTube

Xiyao Huang-- Unit 15 --Facebook & Social Booking