ETAP 623 Spring 2019 Section 9571 (Zhang)

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This course designed to cultivate a comprehensive understanding of good and bad actions among the kindergarten students and in doing so, the coursework will try to only show the absolute goodness of actions and how actions of one’s actions do result in impacting the lives and well-being of others. In conducting the session of this coursework, the students will not be forced to follow or believe in a very specific ideology or philosophy. After the conclusion of this course, students will be able to recognize the goodness or badness in their actions while also having a recognition of the impact that their actions have on others. Once the students can fully comprehend their actions and the value in being a good citizen, it will serve as a good foundation for the development of a good character and a productive member of society in the future.

This coursework will include powerpoint presentations, poster competition, book reading, discussion, and role-play learning activities, and direct interaction with the teacher about the understanding of the concept of being good. The assessment will include collaboration and discussion to ensure that all students are able to understand the concept and build their own understanding effectively.


  LESSON ONE: Reading the book “Be Kind” and act out “scenarios”

Learning Outcomes

• Students will have the ability to understand what being a good citizen means.

• Students will learn how to act in good intentions?

  LESSON TWO:  How we relate to others? 

Learning Outcomes

• Students will have a basic understanding of the impact of their actions in society?

• Students will learn the reasons to be a good citizen and its benefits for them?

  LESSON THREE: Reading “Good People Everywhere”

Learning Outcomes

• Students will learn the reasons to be a good citizen and its benefits for them?

• Students will gain an understanding of the consequences of performing bad actions and how such actions can hurt others?

 LESSON FOUR: Good People & Discussion 

Learning Outcomes

• Students will learn the concept of “behave with others the way you want others to behave with you.”

• Students will learn the concept of self-respect and respecting others.