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*[[Donna_Kiesel_portfolio|Donna Kiesel]] Student, ETAP
*[[Donna_Kiesel_portfolio|Donna Kiesel]] Student, ETAP
*[[Amanda Martin portfolio|Amanda Martin]] Student, ETAP  
*[[Amanda Martin portfolio|Amanda Martin]] Student, ETAP  
*[[Terrance_Richards_portfolio|Terrance Richards]] |[[Terrance Richards mini-course|Terrance's mini-course]]Student, ETAP
*[[Terrance_Richards_portfolio|Terrance Richards]] | [[Maximizing The Power Of Feedback| Terrance's mini-course]]Student, ETAP
*[[User:Stephanie_Jenkins|Stephanie Jenkins Student, ETAP]]
*[[User:Stephanie_Jenkins|Stephanie Jenkins Student, ETAP]]
*[[User:Jessica Hullar|Jessica Hullar]] Student, ETAP
*[[User:Jessica Hullar|Jessica Hullar]] Student, ETAP

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The ID Processes

  • The design project expects you to exercise the processes of instructional design as we study/read about each component/step of it in this course; the processes need to be documented in your portfolio, such as these two:

Project Agenda

End Product

As your end product, you will produce

Evaluation Criteria

General Suggestions and Feedback from the Instructor

  • Please see General Suggestions and Feedback
  • IMPORTANT! Name your wikipages and attached files using unique titles/filenames: This Wiki system will overwrite pages/files with the same name. So IT IS IMPORTANT THAT WE NAME OUR WIKIPAGES USING UNIQUE TITLES. For example, instead of "unit 1" or "lesson 1" you should use "Unit 1: Specific Title..." Similarly, for your curriculum maps and other attached files, please also use unique filenames such as "ICM_your name.doc"
  • If you are trying to find useful videos (e.g., classroom episodes, educational videos) that can be embedded in your mini-course, you may find this site helpful:http://www.watchknow.org/


  • SOMETIMES WHEN SAVING YOUR PAGE THE SYSTEM WILL ASK YOU TO SOLVE A SIMPLE MATH, TO PREVENT POSSIBLE spam changes. You have to solve the math problem before your text can be saved.
  • It is alway a good idea to first draft your text in a word processor and save it on your disk.

ETAP 623 Spring 2014 Class Members

Please add your name below and link your name to your personal user page. To encourage peer review and feedback, and specifically to prepare for our "developmental try-out," I have set up a few small groups. Please give feedback on the FIRST UNIT "discussion tab" for members of your group who have created their first unit. If you have not finished unit one please focus on that! Look to your team mates efforts to get ideas.

LOG IN; GO TO EDIT TAB; and COPY the format for my entry using your name below:

ETAP 623 Fall 2013 Final Projects

Group One

Group Two

Group Three