ETAP 623 Fall 2023

ID for productive learning

The ETAP 623 class (offered online at will use this wiki space to work on our ID project. Each of you will create a mini-course, deploying your knowledge and skills learned about the principles and processes of instructional design. It is our goal to carry out authentic instructional design and development to produce mini-courses for real use, as Open Educational Resources (OER) for teacher learning, improvement, and innovation.

An important note: When you contribute to this open space, please realize that the pages you created (saved) here are accessible to your peers in your current class and future classes. Other visitors who use KNILT as an educational resource may also see your pages. Please exercise social media discretion about what you post. For example, your self-introduction may focus on your professional background, and should not disclose sensitive personal information.

If you have any concern about the openness involved or want to prevent your work from being publicly visited, please contact the instructor to negotiate a special setting during this project or request that your pages be removed from this site after your class is completed.

An Overview of the ID Project

The ID process

The ID project expects you to exercise the processes of instructional design as we study/read about each ID process in ETAP 623. The ID processes will be documented in your project portfolio page.

End Product

As your end product, you will produce a mini-course for teacher learning, with teachers as your target learner/audience. Use the Mini-Course front page template to organize your mini-course with navigation links to the units. You can see a set of example mini-courses featured at KNILT Home.

Project Agenda

Evaluation Criteria

  • This design process (portfolio) and end product (mini-course) will be evaluated based on the following Evaluation_criteria

General Suggestions and Feedback from the Instructor

* Please click here to see very helpful General Suggestions and Feedback

  • IMPORTANT! Name your wikipages and attached files using unique titles/filenames: This Wiki system will overwrite pages/files with the same name. So IT IS IMPORTANT THAT WE NAME OUR WIKIPAGES USING UNIQUE TITLES. For example, instead of "unit 1" or "lesson 1" you should use "Unit 1: Specific Title..." Similarly, for your curriculum maps and other attached files, please also use unique filenames such as "ICM_your name.doc"
  • It is always a good idea to first draft your text in a word processing package and then save it outside of the wiki. Back-ups are always handy to have!
  • Wisdom and suggestions from prior students (documented by Annette DiGuiseppi through a ETAP 695 Internship): KNILT Student Experiences

Tutorials about Basic Wiki Editing

  • You can also embed a pdf file within your page: Click the "Edit Source" tab on the top of your page, use this line in your page and specify the file name: <pdf width="500" height="300">File:file-name.pdf</pdf> See this video guide.

Class Members and Mini-Courses

Please add your name below, followed by the link to "Name's ID portfolio page." You will later add your mini-course title (once decided) after your ID portfolio page link.

Add your name and link below using this format:

Haylea Ward: Haylea Ward's Portfolio Page; Haylea Ward mini-course title

Naomi Bradley: Naomi Bradley's Portfolio Page; Naomi Bradley mini-course title

Natalia Fernández: Natalia Fernández's Portfolio Page; Natalia Fernández mini-course title

Kimberly Jacobs: Kimberly Jacobs Portfolio Page; Kimberly Jacobs mini-course title

Sarah Olsen: Sarah Olsen's Portfolio Page; Sarah Olsen mini-course title

Gillian Palmer: Gillian Palmer's Portfolio Page; Gillian Palmer mini-course title

Michaela Libutti: Michaela Libutti's Portfolio Page; Michaela Libutti mini-course title

Madison Tracey: Madison Tracey's Portfolio Page; Madison Tracey mini-course title

Kassidy Aiken: Kassidy Aiken's Portfolio Page; Kassidy Aiken mini-course

Kaitlin Bunger: Kaitlin Bunger's Portfolio Page; Kaitlin Bunger mini-course title

Aide Saravia: Aide Saravia's Portfolio Page; Aide Saravia mini-course title

Michelle Pereyra Michelle Pereyra's portfolio page

Alexander Darling: Alexander Darling's Portfolio Page; Alexander Darling mini-course title

William Radcliffe: William Radcliffe's portfolio page; William Radcliffe's mini-course title

Chelsea Borsack: Chelsea Borsack's Portfolio Page; Chelsea Borsack's mini-course

Rachel Dickson: Rachel Dickson's Portfolio Page; Rachel Dickson mini-course title

Carly Wright: Carly Wright's Portfolio Page; Carly Wright mini-course title

Brad Clark User:Bclark:Brad Clark mini course title

Celeste Samuel; Celeste Samuel's Portfolio Page; Celeste Samuel's mini-course

Melissa Kraich; Melissa Kraich Portfolio; Melissa Kraich's mini-course

Evan Carrier; Evan Carrier Portfolio Page; Evan Carrier Mini-course

Nick Gentile, Nick Gentile Portfolio Page, Nick Gentile Mini-Course

Aya Isaac, Aya Isaac Portfolio Page, HPL, Storytelling & Play for Language Learning