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The ID Processes

  • The design project expects you to exercise the processes of instructional design as we study/read about each component/step of it in this course; the processes need to be documented in your portfolio, such as these two:

Project Agenda

My Topic/Purpose

Needs Assessment

Analysis of the Learner and Context

Performance Objectives

Course-level objectives

Task Analysis

End Product

As your end product, you will produce

Evaluation Criteria

General Suggestions and Feedback from the Instructor

  • Please see General Suggestions and Feedback
  • IMPORTANT! Name your wikipages and attached files using unique titles/filenames: This Wiki system will overwrite pages/files with the same name. So IT IS IMPORTANT THAT WE NAME OUR WIKIPAGES USING UNIQUE TITLES. For example, instead of "unit 1" or "lesson 1" you should use "Unit 1: Specific Title..." Similarly, for your curriculum maps and other attached files, please also use unique filenames such as "ICM_your name.doc"
  • If you are trying to find useful videos (e.g., classroom episodes, educational videos) that can be embedded in your mini-course, you may find this site helpful:

Video Tutorials

Three-part wiki tutorial created by Deb:

A few additional tutorials created by a former instructor: (adding and uploading images) (creating new linked pages) (copying code from someone else’s page, creating headings and table of contents )

Also, make sure to use the FAQ link here in the wiki for more tips and instructions.


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